With Nine, Liqui worked closely with our own branding agency Crate47 who focused on the restaurant branding as well as all aspects of print design. The objective was to create a restaurant brand identity that complements Liqui’s opulent bar and eatery’s interior design with its high-end penthouse location and city-wide views.

Crate47 achieved this by fashioning the brand’s colour pallet from an understated stone blue combined with a burnished gold for the logo and marque. The typeface used for the restaurant logo is a classic serif style that epitomizes sophistication. The written logo is supported by a subtle nine-sided ‘nonagon’ marque that is used across the branded material to make Nine an instantly recognizable establishment. The branding comes across particularly well in the restaurant menu design with the logo and marque being foiled blocked onto the dark cover.

"A sophisticated restaurant brand that complements the interior design of the opulent bar and eatery”

Liqui designed the bar to be the focal point of this high-end restaurant design. Upon entering the premises the tone is set by the beautifully patinated bronze finish of the geometric pattern on the bar-front which is topped off with a lavish stretch of black walnut. This tone is carried on throughout the interior which features current and classic designer pieces of furniture.

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