For this Bristol-based restaurant, Crate47 were asked to provide a unique brand identity that carried a sophisticated theme.  It was important to strike the right balance with the restaurant branding for The Hideaway, as this family eatery is designed to be child-friendly but with a grown-up lounge bar feel.

For the main brand identity, Crate47 took the concept of a single tree growing from an ‘H’ and created a strong marque that was coupled with a classic serif font for the logo. The sub-branding, used on the menu and other restaurant graphic design items, incorporated the silhouettes of exotic plants. Crate47 also developed illustrations where partially hidden animals were integrated into jungle scenes, in a style inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau.

The Hideaway Website design followed the same ethos of the brand, it had to appeal to an adult audience but show how the restaurant would cater to customers of all ages. Crate47 designed the homepage to offer an instant impression of the restaurant, with full screen imagery presented to the viewer accompanied by the main brand marque and written logo.

"Child-friendly branding for sophisticated adults.”

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