Chimney Cake Bakers marked the first collaborative project between Liqui and our branding agency Crate47 who undertook the restaurant brand identity while we designed and built the interior that included our bespoke furniture specifically designed for the restaurant interior.

Set in the heart of North London, Chimney Cake Bakers specialises in delicious Eastern European pastries. The restaurant branding and interior needed to reflect this rich heritage but in a modern pared down way. Liqui gave the restaurant design a styling that combines the matt finish of reclaimed wood with stripped back painted brick to produce a warm bohemian environment. The stools and tables were designed to add simplicity to the space whilst the branded pattern on the stools enhances the quirkiness of the restaurant’s look.

Liqui’s shopfitting team worked to procure the build of the interior and meet all the necessary health and safety requirements. Meanwhile, the Liqui designers were busy at work to ensure the holistic design of the café and the continuity of the full ‘Chimney Cake Bakers experience’.

Liqui and Crate47’s dual involvement in this project worked seamlessly to create a considered designer restaurant with a strong and relevant brand identity.

"From logo, to furniture to interior all created
under one roof"

The furniture for the restaurant had to reflect the brand identity being created by Crate47. To achieve this Liqui set about designing a range of tables and seating from scratch. The range created has been dubbed the ‘Pint’ Collection in reference to its milking stool origins, hence the sizes: Quarter Pint, Half Pint and Pint. The stools have been upholstered with the gypsy print brand graphic, which along with its attractive beech legs help to tie in with the overall theme of the restaurant design.

Alongside Liqui our sister company Crate47 managed the branding and graphic design work for the project. This included signage, logo, illustrations stationary and website.

Conscious that the brand was to be used as a franchise model, Crate47 designed a logo that was bold and instantly recognisable complimented by a floral gypsy pattern (a homage to the Chimney Cake’s Eastern European roots) to help soften the whole brand identity. This was then rolled out through all media including the website, menus, signage, furniture and interior.


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