The unique ‘personalities’ of Liqui products inspired this unconventional retail environment design – an exhibition to celebrate our first 6 years of design with a difference. In 2008 Liqui’s first ever show was held in Brick Lane – officially launching the company. For the 2014 London Design Festival Liqui returned with a show which was a celebration of all that has been achieved – from award winning interior design to working with internationally renowned brands.

Liqui is a company that always dares to be different – which is reflected in the way our products and interiors look and feel. It was the various ’personalities’ that seemed to us to be inherent in individual pieces of our furniture and lighting that inspired the 2014 London Design Festival theme. Liqui wanted to do something unusual, something that reflected the character of the products. The designers looked at each product as having its own separate identity, drawing attention to the animalistic aesthetic that each one suggested. This gave rise to the notion of caging each of these characters; putting them on show as if the exhibition were a zoo.

"Showcasing the varied Liqui product line up”

To Liqui the products have an almost animalistic charm. This idea was carried forward by Liqui’s sister company Crate47 in the photography and social media during the run up to the show. Liqui hunted down each one of their products – seeming to take them from their natural habitats on the South Downs so they could be caged up for the perusal and amusement of the inquisitive public. Through social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook a buzz of excitement and curiosity was created in the run up to the opening resulting in a successful and popular exhibition of Liqui’s creative output.


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