This was Brew92’s second branch in Riyadh that Liqui’s coffee shop designers have worked on. This is a coffee shop design of two halves – with one half of the walls, floors, and ceiling being finished in black and the other in natural colored wood. It had to tie in with their latest ‘Back To Basics’ approach which puts their specialty coffee at the heart of everything. This was followed through in the cafe interior with our long coffee bar design that is positioned front and center. This makes the ground floor of this two-story coffee shop ideal for socializing around the coffee counter.

Surrounding the walls we’ve placed cafe furniture in the form of our Milne Chairs and Studio Cafe Tables with our Work Lamps hanging above them. These, and other furniture, such as the Shaw Shelves are all in a ‘black on black’ color-way to fit with the overall interior design. In addition, black Splice lights are suspended over the bar and across the ceiling to where our coffee shop designers have created a full-on installation cascading down the stairwell. This leads the visitor to explore upstairs where there is a more relaxed seating area with our Studio Easy Chairs in black leather with black frames as well as all black Fraser Sofas.

"Bespoke elements run through-out the entire interior"

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