BREW 204

We design coffee shops for a variety of clients, from large hospitality groups to smaller independents such as Brew 204 in Ireland. For their specialty coffee shop in Dublin, Liqui Design created a light and airy interior that had a friendly feel where customers could relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee and a bite to eat. The modernist feel of the cafe interior design was partly influenced by art deco cinemas which led to the rows of lightbulbs above the counter area. The coffee bar design itself is faced with wooden paneling which features a simple geometric repeat pattern. This is picked up again on the walls and in a fretwork room divider at the end of the counter giving the coffee shop decor an aesthetic consistency.

We always design coffee shops with our clients and their customers in mind and to that end we divided the space into several seating areas including a rear patio garden with a living wall. This offers customers a variety of distinctively different places to sit in a relatively small café. To promote Brew 204’s specialty coffee offering our interior design has their espresso machine front and center on the counter.


"Designed to be different"

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