With the restaurant branding for Babuji, Crate47 created something that was modern but still reflected the owners’ heritage. This is a new enterprise for a family of chefs with the desire to bring the varied tastes of South Asian street food to a London clientele in a restaurant setting.

The logo design is a fusion of West meets Bollywood, with the typography drawing from old Indian film posters, while the colours come from fabrics used for traditional saris. We’ve distilled these elements into a striking logo design that is idiosyncratic yet clean and instantly recognizable. The sub-branding uses a complementary font together with a pared-back repeat pattern based on traditional shapes but formed purely of line work to keep it both subtle and contemporary.


Crate47 were responsible for the graphic design of several print items to be used in and around the restaurant. These included a menu design that was laid out like an old newspaper and printed on recycled paper stock to give it a vintage look and feel. They also devised some tongue-in-cheek instruction cards with humorous illustrations describing how best to eat with your hands, which was a big part of the restaurant’s ethos of providing an authentic experience. In addition, Crate47 did the print design and artwork for an illustrated launch poster to let people in the local area know that a new restaurant would be opening soon.


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